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Hydraylic Power Casing Tongs

Hydraulic power casing tongs are widely used for making-up or breaking-out of casings or pipes. The series of casing tongs are wholly hydraulic driven. The tongs are manufactured by features-combining of Eckel, Weatherfold, and Farr designs, are configured with a large-torque motor and perform mechanical gear change. Structure is simple and operation is safe. The casing tongs can be supplied with torque device to perform computer monitoring and managing on pressure, torque and rounds. The casing tongs are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K .

hydraulic power casing tong

Appliable Standards Codes

  • The power tong heads are designed “open” type and can freely clamp and escape from the casing. It is safe, reliable and easy to handle with high mobility.
  • TQ hydraulic casing tangs can be connected to computer controlling units and can serve as ideal well mechanical tools for surface operation.
  • This hydraulic casing tong is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.

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Hydraulic Casing Tongs

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