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Cementing Units

Truck-mounted cementing units, trailer-mounted cementing units and skid-mounted cementing units, with max pressure from 3500psi to 14,500psi and max. displacement from 1600 to 3500L/min, are available.

Single pump cementing unit is used for shallow wells, twin pump cementing unit is for medium and deep wells.

cementing unit cementing truck


  • Plunger pump: 300HP, 400HP and 600HP plunger pumps fitted with different sizes of plungers to meet requirement of pressure and displacement, 3ZB-300, 3ZB-600, TPH-400, and TPB-600 are available.
  • Power system: Detroit, Cat or Cummins engine.
  • Transmission: Allison HD 4700OFS.

Automatic Slurry Mixing System

The automatic slurry mixing system is a computer-controlled slurry mixing device widely used in our cementing equipment, and is mainly composed of mixing tank, high energy mixer, computer system, dry cement metering valve, circulating centrifugal pump, injection centrifugal pump, charging centrifugal pump, agitating system and manifolds system

The mixing tank has two connected agitating compartments. The mixed slurry in the first compartment will be mixed again in the second. The slurry in the second compartment will partly be sent down hole by a plunger pump and partly back to high energy mixer to be mixed again.

cementing automatic mixing system


  • The density of slurry is accurately controlled by a computer which it is easy to operate; All job data are displayed in computer screen, and can be saved and downloaded. Real-time remote monitoring can be realized.
  • The system software is available both in English and Chinese, and measurement units can be changed from metric system to English system. The operators can perform simulation of mixing operation, thus training becomes convenient.
  • low pressure non-radioactive densitometer is used

Circulating Pumping System

The circulating pumping system is used for water supply, supercharging, injection, water and slurry circulating, it consists of various centrifugal pump, lower pressure piping, manual/air butterfly valves. Different equipment needs different piping layout and centrifugal pumps.

High pressure discharge manifolds

The high pressure discharge manifolds including swivel joints, plug valve, elbows, unions and pressure gauge, connect the discharge ports of fluid end of one or two pump to wellhead manifolds. There is pressure release line back to the displacement tank.

Overpressure protection device

The fluid end of plunger is fitted with a safety valve whose present valve is maximum pressure of pump, when actual pressure exceeds the preset value, the safety valve will automatically open to release pressure. After pressure is less than the preset value, it will close.


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