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Well Test Choke Manifold

Well Test Choke Manifold (diamond choke manifold) is the primary means of controlling well flow at surface by operating the adjustable or fixed choke.

Adjustable Choke enables the fixed choke to be replaced during operations. Secondary function is to enable greater flexibility for wellbore cleanup rates.

Calibrated Choke Beans gives more accurate flow control or predetermined fluid rates at various test conditions.

portable Choke Manifold

The Choke Manifold design enables dual-flow paths that control the well flow at surface from the upstream control equipment to the downstream process equipment and allows the operator to perform choke changes without interference to operations or test objectives.


  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas well testing after drilling
  • Flowback and cleanup after stimulation or workover operations


  • Built-in FC style gate valves which can be redressed on pipeline.
  • Provides two flow paths, one through a positive choke and the other through an adjustable choke that can be converted into a positive choke
  • Data headers can be integrated into the choke manifold which provides a means for fluid sampling, real-time pressure and temperature monitoring, and chemical injection
  • Metal-to-metal, double seal to ensure reliability in harsh environments
  • Complied with API 6A, API 16C and NACE MR0175.


  • single-valve or double-valve isolation (recommended for well test applications with solids, high concentrations of H2S/CO2, and high pressure/high temperature), both manual and hydraulic gate valves are available.
  • 1 inch Maximum and 2 inch maximum orifice.
  • Choke bean size: 4/64 inch ~ 128/64 inch in minimum steps of 1/64 inch.
  • Rated Working Pressure: 3,000psi ~ 15,000psi
  • Bore Size: all popular
  • Temperature: K ~ U
  • Material Classes: EE ~ HH
  • Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL4
  • Performance Requirement: PR1
portable Choke Manifold

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