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Low torque plug valves are based on the technologies introduced from FMC and SPM, forged from high strength alloy steel. They are robust, field-proven plug valves that provide dependable service for applications such as cementing, fracturing, acidizing, coiled tubing, and sand control.

plug valve


  • Low operating torque
  • End connections of plug valves may be Weco union or male/female thread (LP, TBG)
  • Maintenance and repair of valve body can be done without removal, and no special tools are needed for removal
  • The plugs have very good sealing performance
  • Visible: There is a visible positioner where we can see if valve is open or closed. Brake spring will limit the position of valve
  • 3"hand wheel opener is suitable for opening in low temperature. Valves can be opened freely and flexibly.


  • Medium: oil, gas, slurry and sour gas
  • Working Pressure: 6,000psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi
  • Bore Size: 1", 2" and 3"
  • Temperature: normal or low temperature.
  • Plug valves, manufactured to NACE-MR0175 and API RP-14E, are available and suitable for service in sour gas environment

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