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Flush By Unit (Rig)

This kind of flush by rigs are different from conventional flush by units, this flush by unit can be used as a small workover rig which can shut off water wells, which means it can handle less than 1,000-meter-deep water wells casing string and small tubing string, except for performing simple well interventions such as back flushing sanded wells, installation of insertable downhole pumps, fishing broken rods, changing or servicing driveheads and stuffing boxes, routine production flushes, and assisting coiled tubing services.

The most difference between this kind of Flush by rig and conventional Flush By Unit is drawworks, mechanical drawworks are adopted on this kind of flush by rig.


  • Sanded Wells - Back Flushing, removing and preventing sand, wax or other blockages at the intake or above the discharge of a pumping system
  • Fishing / Fixing broken sucker rods or polished rods
  • Maitaining or Closing water wells, Flush By Unit can handle small casing string


  • Compact
  • Single wrap drawworks
  • High mobility
  • Power tongs are used for efficiency and rod care
  • Tongs prevent over-torqueing of the sucker-rod threads, adding longevity to the rod string
  • Self-contained with a 55 bbl tank and a Triplex pump, capable of 5 bbls / min
Flush By Unit

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