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Indirect Fired Heater - API 12K

Indirect fired heaters (API 12K) are designed for heating well effluent indirectly to prevent from hydrate formation, reduced viscosity, and break down emulsions.


  • Removable process coil (or tube bundle) designed according to API 12K
  • Atmospheric vessel with water expansion tank
  • Split coil with intermediate API 6A adjustable choke to manage downstream pressure
  • Bypass way with gate valves
  • PLC controlled temperature
  • Skid frame and service ladders/platform


  • Thermo capacity: 600Kw,800Kw, 1,000Kw
  • Thermo efficiency: 88%
  • Working pressure: 21 Mpa(3,000 psi) or 35 Mpa(5,000 psi)
  • Bore size: 3 or 4 inches
  • Fuel: desiel, gas or desiel&gas
Indirect Fired Heater - API 12K

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