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Mud Pumps F1600, F1300, F1000 and F800

Triplex mud pumps F1600, F1300, F1000 and F800 series pumps are widely used for oil and gas drilling and oraginally authorized by Continental Emsco to be manufacture in China. F-1300, F-1600, F-2200 mud pumps are independently designed, developed and manufactured based on F-500, F800, F-1000 mud pump.

triplex mud pump


  • F-series mud pumps are rated at longer stroke length and relatively low stroke per minute. It can increase the service life of expendable parts of fluid end assembly.
  • F-1300, F-1600, F-2200 mud pumps are with large power and high pump pressure, F2200 mud pump’s Max. pump pressure reaches to 5,000psi, Max. displacement up to 1,215 gpm with a liner of Ф230mm(9”)

Original Mud Pump Parts of BOMCO and HHF Serials

Original mud pump parts of BOMCO F-2200, F-1600, F-1300, F-1000, F-800, F-500 and HONGHUA HHF-2200, HHF-1600, HHF-1300, HHF-1000, HHF-800, HHF-500 drilling mud pumps are available at reasonable prices.

mud pump parts

Mud Pump Expendables and Parts

Mud pump fluid end expendables and parts (liners, pistons, valves and seats, piston rods, pony rods, gaskets and inserts, modules, fluid end parts) for Bomco, Emsco, National, Ideco, Gardner Denver, etc. and other brand liners are available. Their qualities have been successfully proven under various drilling conditions such as extreme pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments, and have been accepted domestically and internationally.

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F Series Mud Pumps Specifications.pdf

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