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Positive Choke Valves

Positive choke valves are improved from H2 style positive choke valves and designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with API Spec. 6A. These positive chokes are suitable to assemble christmas tree and choke manifold. Reasonable price and low cost of spares make them the most cost effective positive chokes on the market.

positive chokes


  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.
  • Centre to face distance can be manufactured as per customer requirement
  • Positive choke can be converted into adjustable choke by replacing choke trim and top assembly


  • Rated Working Pressure: 3,000psi ~ 15,000psi
  • Temperature: K ~ U
  • Material Classes: DD EE FF
  • Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~ PSL4
  • Performance Requirement: PR1

Choke Beans

Choke bean and choke bean adapter are available as per customer requirement

choke bean


  • Tungsten carbide alloy is lined into choke beans in full length.


  • 1" Maximum and 2" maximum orifice.
  • Choke bean size: 4/64" ~ 128/64" in 1/64" increment.

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